Special Assistance - Wheelchair

  1. Passengers who wish to request wheelchair from the airline and have made a request during the booking of a ticket. The request will be confirmed after the passenger has completed the booking procedures in accordance with the terms and conditions of the airline and has been considered by the airline based on the transportation regulations.
  2. In the event that a passenger requests a wheelchair at the airport, it is necessary to check and confirm with the passenger whether they can accept you as a passenger. However, the airline is not responsible for the loss. Any wrong doing, including any damages that occur due to the inability to provide this special service
  3. Passengers with mobility disabilities and requesting special services Must notify the airline or call center of the airline at least 48 hours before departure to prepare equipment on request. The airline reserves the right to provide special services to passengers. That has notified you of requesting special services which the airline can provide. If not notified in advance, The airline will try to allocate the service to meet the needs of passengers as appropriate, depending on the special service that can be provided or not at that time.

  4. If a passenger has his/her own wheelchair, the size of personal wheelchair measurements and weight must be informed when booking, to enable us to make the necessary arrangements in order to load your wheelchair into the aircraft hold, and return it to you at the baggage hall of your destination airport.  If your wheelchair weighs over 32 kilograms (71 lbs.), special authorization from Thai Lion Air is needed, due to weight and space restrictions at some airports.