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Thai Lion Air Chiang Mai Station participated in the opening ceremony and support packs of water for local food demonstration activity in Lamphun province

19 April 2024
By Thai Lion Air By Thai Lion Air

Mr. Kampanart Faller Sangkhanond, Chiang Mai Station Manager of Thai Lion Air, along with station ground staff, participated in the opening ceremony of a local food demonstration activity. The event showcased traditional dishes, including "Kang Hang Lay'' and other regional delicacies, from 17 communities in Lamphun province. The ceremony, presided over by Mr. Santithorn Yimlamai, the governor of Lamphun province. In the event, the representatives from various communities demonstrated the preparation of Kang Hang Lay in over 20 pans, aiming to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the region and inspire future generations. The event also aimed to promote sustainable tourism in Lamphun province. Additionally, Thai Lion Air Volunteer Club serves refreshing water to officials and tourists attending the event.