Lion Meal

Pre-book our variety of menus for more convenient and save more.

Set menu with drink. Starts at THB150.

Rice with garlic chicken

Thai dish, we recommend in your seat with streamed rice with chicken, fried with garlic and pepper ingredients.  (Available 01 Oct 2016 - 30 Jun 2017)

Mixed Riceberry and Green Curry Chicken

Thai dish, A Thai curry cooked from chicken served with steamed riceberry.  (Available 01 January 2017 - 30 Jun 2017)

Rice and Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce

Shrimp mix with Tamarind sauce served with steamed rice.  (Available 01 January 2017  - 30 Jun 2017)

Rice and Teriyaki Chicken

Tasting one of our famous Asean dish. Chicken mix Teriyaki sauce served with steamed rice.  (Available 01 Jan 2017 - 30 Jun 2017)

Term and Conditions

  1. Service is provided for passenger traveling on Thai Lion Air flight only.

  2. Meal selection is subject to variation from time to time. Food may contain nuts, gluten, seafood, eggs or dairy products.

  3. We do not accept any booking or any changes to the meal selection within 48 hours from the schedule flight departure time. Lion Meal can be reserved via website ( call center (+662-529-9999), and ticket counters.  Processing fee will be charged via call center (107 Baht per passenger). 

  4. For group traveling more than 10 passengers cannot reserve Lion Meal via group booking ( or +662-529-9977). But each passenger can reserve Lion Meal via call center (+662-529-9999) with 107 Baht of processing fee per passenger.

  5. All prices and/or special price from the pre-book meal are effective at the time of booking.

  6. Confirmed order cannot be cancelled.

  7. If we cannot provide pre-book meal on board, we will inform passenger by phone (at least 24 hours before flight time) and by e-mail. Moreover, we will offer an equal or lower price meal or full refund.

  8. The boarding pass with pre-book meal, passenger must present to the cabin crew onboard to redeem pre-book meal.

  1. Refund Process : Passenger will receive full refund in case of

    1. We cannot provide the pre-booked meal and passenger rejected choice that  we offered
    2. Flight delayed more than 2.01 hours
    3. Changes flight in case of delaying by Thai Lion Air only
    4. Flight cancellation
  2. The Refund, passenger must take boarding pass with cabin crew's signature on refund stamp and identification card to contact ticket counter at the airports by the same day.

  3. Refund requirement must be refund from booking name or power of attorney form only
  4. Thai Lion Air reserves the rights to change the rates, terms and conditions of Lion Meal without notice.